Process wheel

We make sure our clients run their online business smoothly and error-free. Websites and web applications need attention as needs change and grow. Synapse provides maintenance and support services that include: bug fixing, problems analysis and resolution, live support, adding new features and functionalities, text editing, image and graphic changes, free friendly advices.

We listen carefully to our customer’s ideas, plans and expectations. Existing website analysis and content evaluation as well as competition analysis are important starting issues for a successful project.

After the initial information gathering, we work closely with the client on planning the structure, creating the sitemap and the wire-frame of the website.

This is when we create the visuals.
The graphic elements, the colours, typeface and all the elements that create the general look and feel of the application. This creative concept is submitted for a client’s review and approval.

After the graphics are confirmed, we start with the stage of coding. This is when all the good programming practice takes action turning the beautiful graphics into a fully functional web application.

Each piece of code we use, is tested and goes through several filter checkpoints before it is hand over to the client. This is when we validate and verify that the program/application/product we deliver meets the technical requirements that guided its design and development.

Launching an application live, out on the open sea, is exciting and emotional moment. At this point it is our duty to stay alert and be ready to promptly fine-tune any hidden little details that might occur. So when everything is checked running smoothly we take our time to enjoy the moment and rejoice with the client.


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